Children’s Art from Around the World

    “Children’s Art from Around the World,” Liahona, Apr. 2011, 62–64

    Children’s Art from Around the World

    Entries from the international children’s art exhibit on the theme “The Gospel Blesses My Life.”

    Watch for more art from the exhibit in future issues on Our Page. See other entries at www.liahona.lds.org.

    Andreza A., age 10, Brazil

    Zeniff F., age 9, Mexico

    Dasha K., age 11, Ukraine

    Daniel S., age 5, France

    Chung-chi, age 6, Taiwan

    Beth B., age 5, Canada

    Karen L., age 6, Bolivia

    Nathalie S., age 9, Guatemala

    Carolina A., age 7, Peru

    Leonardo T., age 8, Chile

    Sara R., age 9, Argentina

    Addison O., age 10, Vietnam

    Fatima B., age 5, Peru

    Lee W., age 9, Poland

    Alina S., age 8, Ukraine

    Guen R., age 12, Philippines

    Vanessa G., age 11, Mexico

    Erdenejargaliin O., age 8, Mongolia

    Lee J., age 11, Tahiti

    Amanda G., age 12, Ecuador

    Martina F., age 11, Argentina

    Adriana B., age 10, Ecuador

    José V., age 5, Peru