“Comment,” Liahona, July 2010, 79


    They Reflect the Savior’s Love

    While studying the First Presidency Message, we noticed the ideas about how to adapt the teachings to small children and to teenagers. These will help our family as well as the families we visit. We know of your commitment to making gospel truths simple, personally applicable, and significantly enduring. President Monson is the prophet of God, and those in the First Presidency reflect the Savior’s love as they teach us and pray for us. We also love them and pray for them.

    Dias family, Brazil

    Invaluable Posters

    The posters in the magazine are invaluable to our family. They send a short, clear, visual message of the teachings of the Church. We have hung a frame next to our front door, and every few weeks we trade out the poster. This helps all of us keep the commandments. We have printed every poster available on the Internet since 2001—they are truly a blessing to us. Thank you!

    Schwarzwälder family, Germany