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    “More Online,” Liahona, July 2010, 3

    More Online

    For Adults

    “Choose the Temple” (page 18) is about Latter-day Saints in India who enjoy the blessings of the temple. To view more photos from this story, visit

    For Young Adults

    In “Dear Frieda” (page 42) young adults in Scandinavia write letters to a young woman who is tempted to move in with her boyfriend. To learn more about this topic, visit and click on “Chastity.”

    For Youth

    If you enjoy reading “To the Point” (page 46), you can view more questions and answers (in English) at Click on “Got a Question?”

    For Children

    Print out a pioneer coloring book at

    Color the picture of David and Goliath on page 72. Then read the scripture story of David and Goliath (in English) at

    In Your Language

    The Liahona and other Church materials are available in many languages at