I Will Remember Jesus Christ

    “I Will Remember Jesus Christ,” Liahona, Dec. 2009, F12–F13

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    I Will Remember Jesus Christ

    “I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth” (Job 19:25).

    When Jesus lived on the earth, He went about doing good—teaching His gospel and healing the sick.

    Jesus had no sin, but He suffered and died for the sins of all mankind. After three days He was resurrected. Jesus brought about the Atonement through His suffering, death, and Resurrection.

    Each Sunday at church when you take the sacrament, you should remember Jesus Christ’s Atonement, as well as the promises you make to Heavenly Father when you are baptized. The sacrament is a time to think about how much Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love you. It is a time to repent and think about what you can do to become more like Them.

    As you sing the sacrament hymn, listen to the words. Listen carefully to the sacrament prayers. Think about what you learn and what you feel.


    Remove page F12 from the magazine, and mount it on heavier paper. Fold the sacrament booklet on the dotted lines. When you sing the sacrament hymn at church, listen for what the words say about Jesus Christ. When you get home each week, write one thing in your booklet that you learned about Jesus from the hymn.

    sacrament booklet
    sacrament booklet

    Illustrations by Paul Mann

    I Will Remember Jesus Christ

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. I remember Jesus when I partake of the sacrament. Tell the story of the Last Supper from Matthew 26:17–30. Read together Luke 22:19, and have the children repeat the words “This do in remembrance of me.” Explain that partaking of the sacrament gives us an opportunity to remember the Savior and His Atonement. Show sacrament trays. Help the children understand that the bread reminds us of Jesus’s body and the water reminds us of His blood. Write on the board: “What can you do to remember Jesus as you partake of the sacrament?” Write responses on the board. (Examples: read a scripture about Jesus, listen to the sacrament prayers, think about Jesus’s Atonement.) Encourage the children to try one of the suggestions the next time they attend sacrament meeting.

    2. Remembering Jesus helps me choose the right. Beforehand, wrap Gospel Art Picture Kit 240 (Jesus the Christ) to look like a Christmas gift. Tell the children that inside is something that represents the greatest gift. Have the children ask yes or no questions to guess what it is. Let the child who guesses correctly unwrap the gift. Post the picture of Jesus on the board. Beforehand, place the following wordstrips in random order around the room: “Jesus was baptized,” “Jesus served others,” “Jesus prayed to the Father,” “Jesus went about doing good,” “Jesus loves us,” “Jesus learned to work,” and “Jesus honored His mother.” Divide the board into two columns. At the top of one column, write Remembering Jesus. At the top of the second, write Helps me choose the right. Give each class a scripture reference or picture that tells about part of Jesus’s life. Examples: Matthew 3:13–17—Jesus was baptized; John 13:4–15—Jesus served others; 3 Nephi 17:15—Jesus prayed to the Father; John 15:12—Jesus loved us; Gospel Art Picture Kit 206 (Childhood of Jesus Christ)—Jesus learned to work; 242 (Jesus and His Mother)—Jesus honored His mother. Ask the children to read the scripture or study the picture and find the wordstrip that describes it. When each class chooses correctly, place the wordstrip in the first column. Help the children think of a similar choice they can make, such as “I will be baptized.” Write it in the second column across from the matching wordstrip.