“Contents,” Liahona, July 2009, inside front cover–1

    Liahona, July 2009

    On the cover

    Front: Esther Adu Asante, by Richard Hull. Back: Young Women—Nova, Vera, Georgina, Karen, Rebecca, by Richard Hull; map by Mountain High Maps © 1993 Digital Wisdom, Inc.

    The Friend cover

    Illustration by Jim Madsen.

    See if you can find the Korean CTR ring hidden in this issue. Choose the right page!

    Aspire to Something Higher

    The Lord invites you to prepare yourself to enter His house. It holds great peace and wonderful blessings. (See D&C 88:119.)

    Don’t Shortchange Yourself

    The way you dress advertises your standards. Send the right message. (See For the Strength of Youth, 15.)