“Comment,” Liahona, January 2009, 1


I Made My New Branch “Home”

I recently became employed in Bengaluru, India, a city that is far from my hometown of Chennai. I enjoyed my new job; however, going to a new branch was a different feeling. I felt like a stranger, and I missed my home branch. Then I read the article “Making Any Ward ‘Home’” in the January 2008 Liahona. I felt comforted, and I started introducing myself to many members. I received a calling and made new friends. Most importantly, I know better why I come to church. Now I look for new faces and reach out to them. Thank you for the article.

Joseph Isaac, India

The Liahona Helps Me Preach the Gospel

I always carry the Liahona with me. Because of this, I have been able to get many referrals for the missionaries. When I have to wait for my turn at the hospital, I read it, and people are curious, so I take advantage of the opportunity to talk to them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation God taught to us. Carrying the Liahona with me wherever I go has helped me to talk about Jesus Christ and preach the gospel to people.

Margarita Herrera de Bello, Mexico