Sunday Best in Brazil
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“Sunday Best in Brazil,” Liahona, June 2008, F13

Sunday Best in Brazil

“Keep the sabbath day to sanctify it” (Deuteronomy 5:12).

In Minas Gerais, Brazil, it’s never winter. The only seasons are a dry season and a wet season. It can be a hot and humid place! The Primary children in the Conselheiro Lafaiete Branch have learned the blessings that come from wearing their Sunday best, even when it’s very hot.

Sister Patrícia da Costa was serving as Primary president when she began to worry about the dress standards in her Primary. “It’s hard for the children to wear Sunday best because of how hot it is,” she says. “Also, no one had given it much importance before.” Although dressing up for church may seem like a small matter, Sister da Costa knew it would help the Primary children show respect for Heavenly Father. The children would be establishing good habits for the future.

The Primary set goals. Families got Sunday clothes for the children who didn’t have them. They even held a “parade” in Primary to show proper Sunday clothing.

It wasn’t easy, but they reached their goal. “On the day of the Primary presentation in sacrament meeting, everyone was dressed appropriately,” says Sister da Costa. “It was wonderful!”

Many members of the branch have noticed the difference. The children are more reverent, and now they decide to dress up on Sunday without their parents’ telling them. And there has been one more unexpected blessing: less-active parents have started coming to church again, thanks to the examples of their children.

Illustration by John Zamudio