New Mission is Created in New Delhi, India
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“New Mission is Created in New Delhi, India,” Liahona, Feb. 2008, N3

New Mission Is Created in New Delhi, India

Adapted from Church News, October 6, 2007.

The announcement of the India New Delhi Mission by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles creates a second mission in this bustling Asian country and brings the total number of missions in the world to 348.

The new mission, which opened on November 1, 2007, was created from the division of two missions: the India Bangalore Mission and the Singapore Mission.

The New Delhi Mission includes the northern portion of India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Gary R. Ricks, serving with his wife, Florence, in New Delhi as a senior missionary, has been called as the new mission president. The rest of the country will be retained in the India Bangalore Mission, with the addition of Sri Lanka. The Singapore Mission will include Singapore, East Malaysia, and West Malaysia.

Missionary work is active in these two missions. This second mission will reduce vast travel distances and increase the time the mission presidents will have to work with the missionaries.