Using the Liahona

    “Using the Liahona,” Liahona, Jan. 2004, 1

    Using the Liahona

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    “A Pattern for Living,” p. 8: “All things shall work together for your good” if you search diligently, pray always, and are believing. But what if the promised blessing doesn’t come immediately? Ask family members to respond; then discuss Elder L. Tom Perry’s answer.

    “Heber J. Grant: A Prophet for Hard Times,” p. 26: Many lessons can be drawn from President Heber J. Grant’s example. Choose an aspect of his life that impresses you, and discuss how family members can apply this example.

    “The Lord Knew What Was Ahead,” p. 41: Ask family members if they have ever prayed fervently for something that the Lord did not give them. Read Sister Linda Sims Depew’s story together, and talk about why you think the Lord didn’t answer her prayer in the way she originally wanted.

    “Ice Dreams,” p. 44: Chris Obzansky planned to serve a mission after the 2006 Winter Olympics, but the Spirit prompted him to go at age 19. Ask family members what their life plans are. Would they be willing to sacrifice those plans if the Spirit prompted them to? Why are sacrifice and faith so closely intertwined?

    “More Blessed to Give,” p. F2: Tell President Thomas S. Monson’s story about his Sunday School class. Ask family members to write down one thing they can do this week to give something to someone whose need is greater. In your next family home evening ask what they thought and how they felt when they performed this act of giving.

    “Song of Faith,” p. F14: Ask the children in your family if they have ever been scared, nervous, in pain, or sad. Read this story with them; then suggest that singing Primary songs can help them feel better when they face difficulties.