“Comment,” Liahona, Jan. 2004, 48


    Grateful for Relief Society

    As a missionary for the Church, I tried to help others feel the influence of the Holy Ghost. Some time ago my companion and I had the opportunity to show a young man a videotape of a talk by President Gordon B. Hinckley. The Spirit profoundly touched the young man’s heart.

    I recently read a general conference talk by the Relief Society general president that is very important for me as a Latter-day Saint young woman. I am grateful for the sisterhood we have. Our leaders and their conference addresses help me a great deal to be a good sister and also to prepare to be a mother.
    Juliana Rosa, Habitacional Branch, São João da Boa Vista Brazil Stake

    Liahona a Great Source of Strength

    I have been a member of the Church for three years, and from the time I was baptized I haven’t missed an issue of the Liahona. It is a great source of strength to me because it confirms the truthfulness of the great work of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father for such inspired leaders whose messages renew us spiritually every month.
    Martha Castro, Ipiales Second Ward, Pasto Colombia Stake

    Faith in Jesus Christ Increased

    For a few months I borrowed the Liahona from others. Only this month did I receive the first copy of my own subscription. I am glad to have it because the Liahona inspires and teaches me about the gospel. It increases my faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I am fortunate to know the Church is true. I love being a Latter-day Saint.
    Mary Ann C. Pada, Lucena Second Ward, Lucena Philippines Stake

    Good Friends at Church

    I have been a member of the Church since 6 May 2001, and the Church is the greatest thing in my life. I’m 16 years old. Although none of my family are Church members, I have the best friends I could ask for in the Young Men program. In the Church are also the most helpful adults and the most innocent and loving children.
    Douglas Eduardo Díaz Ruiz, Obrero Ward, Ciudad Ojeda Venezuela Stake

    Call for Home Evening Successes

    Has your family had a successful family home evening experience? Tell us what works for your family—creative lesson ideas, service projects, activities, testimony meetings, family councils, and so on. Send your ideas to Family Home Evening Successes, Liahona, Room 2420, 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150-3220, USA; or e-mail to

    Photograph by Welden C. Andersen, posed by models