Using the July 2003 Liahona

    “Using the July 2003 Liahona,” Liahona, July 2003, 48

    Using the July 2003 Liahona

    Discussion Ideas

    • “Following in Faith,” p. 16: Reminding us that we owe a debt of gratitude to those who have gone before us, Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin suggests that we can partially pay that debt through serving others. Discuss ways you and your family can serve. Set a goal to complete a specific act of service before your next home evening. As you serve, remember that sacrifice and selflessness link you to pioneers who sacrificed in building the kingdom.

    • “Graduating with Honor,” p. 34: Talk about some of the opportunities we have as Latter-day Saints to “stand for something.” Discuss how our choices can have a positive or negative effect on others.

    • “The Lifeline of Prayer,” p. F2: President James E. Faust tells of a family who had a bomb fall outside their home. The bomb disposal squad was baffled as to why it had not exploded, but the family knew. Talk about what can occur when families pray together.

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