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“Contents,” Liahona, Jan. 2002, 3


January 2002

Volume 26 Number 1

Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching: There are no designated home teaching or visiting teaching messages printed in the general conference issues of the Liahona. After prayerfully considering the needs of the members they visit, home teachers and visiting teachers are to choose a general conference address as a message.

Conference Talks on the Internet: To access general conference talks on the Internet in many languages, visit www.lds.org.

On the cover: Outside cover: Photograph by John Luke.

Inside front: Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, by Max Gestal. Jerusalem of an earlier era, as seen across the Kidron Valley from the Mount of Olives, peacefully awaits weary travelers.

Inside back: The Baptism of Christ, by Robert T. Barrett.

Conference photography: Photographs were taken by Craig Dimond, Welden Andersen, John Luke, Jed Clark, Matt Reier, Kelly Larsen, Tamra Ratieta, Ellie Carter, Mark Hedengren, Robert Casey.