Always My Friend

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“Always My Friend,” Liahona, May 2001, 47

Always My Friend

I felt very much alone in those new surroundings until I looked up at that picture on the wall.

Walking into my Young Women class on Sunday, I felt alone. My family had just moved across the country to a small town. We knew no one in our new area; all our relatives lived thousands of kilometers away.

Looking for a place to sit, I saw a chair on the second row by the wall. As I sat down, I noticed everyone except me had someone to sit by. I kept telling myself things would change after I had some time to make friends. But no matter how many times I tried to convince myself, I still felt very alone.

Halfway through the lesson, I noticed a painting of Jesus Christ on the wall next to me. At that moment I realized I wasn’t alone. It was as if the Savior had been sitting next to me the whole time.

It took a while to get used to living in our new town and to find new friends. At times I did feel alone, but I always remembered that Sunday when I noticed the painting of the Savior and realized I was never alone. Jesus Christ will always be my friend.

Photo illustration by Steve Bunderson