Jesus Chooses His Apostles

    “Jesus Chooses His Apostles,” Liahona, Apr. 2001, 10

    Jesus Chooses His Apostles


    One day Jesus taught people on the shore of the Sea of Galilee from a boat. The boat belonged to a man named Peter. Peter and his friends had fished all night without catching any fish. Luke 5:1–5

    Jesus showed Peter where to fish

    After Jesus taught the people, He told Peter to take the boat into deep water. Then He told Peter and his friends to put their fishnets into the water, and they did. Luke 5:4–5

    The nets begin to break

    They caught so many fish in their nets that the nets began to break. Luke 5:5–6

    The fish fill two boats

    Peter called to his friends in another boat to come and help. The fish filled both boats. Luke 5:7

    Peter knew Jesus made this happen

    Peter and his friends were amazed. They knew Jesus Christ had made this happen. Luke 5:8–9

    Peter knelt at Jesus’ feet

    Peter knelt by the Savior’s feet and said that he was a sinner and was not worthy to be near Jesus. Jesus told Peter not to be afraid. Luke 5:8–10

    Peter, James and John

    Two of Peter’s friends, James and John, were brothers. Jesus told all of them to come with Him. The three men left everything they had and went with Jesus. The Savior asked other men to go with Him, too, and be “fishers of men.” Matt. 4:18–22, Matt. 9:9; Luke 5:10–11; John 1:35–51

    Jesus ordained Twelve Apostles

    He needed Twelve Apostles to lead His Church. Because He wanted to choose the right men, the Savior prayed all night. The next morning He chose and ordained 12 men, giving them the priesthood and the power to be Apostles. Luke 6:12–16; John 15:16

    Apostles taught the gospel

    The Apostles traveled to many cities and taught the gospel and healed people. Then they returned to tell Jesus what they had done. Mark 6:30; Luke 9:1–6, 10

    Illustrated by Robert T. Barrett