“Comment,” Liahona, Apr. 2001, 1


Missionaries Serve with Pure Hearts

My daughter and I read the Liahona (Ukrainian), from which we find out about the current events of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and about the lives of members in all corners of our planet. My heart delights when I read of the brothers and sisters who do missionary work in many countries despite the hardships that may await them. With pure hearts, great faith, and much love, they go to every house, to every family, and do their important work. By doing this, they help us—through the scriptures and their personal examples—get to know our Heavenly Father better. This service pleases not only the eye, but the heart as well.

Leonid Stepanovich Shkolny,
Vynohradars’ka Branch, Kyiv Ukraine Sviatoshyns’kyi District

God Lights the Road for Us

I want to say to all the readers of the Liahona how important it is to have God in our lives. I became a totally different person when I joined the Church. Life is so much easier now. I’m thankful for our Heavenly Father’s wisdom, kindness, patience, protection, and love. Problems haven’t disappeared. They still exist, but God helps me overcome adversity.

I know now that just as the moon makes a dark road visible, God lights for us the road that leads to His heavenly kingdom. We can open our arms and invite all who are in the dark to join us on this bright path.

Marina Ruseva,
Stara Zagora Branch, Plovdiv Bulgaria District

Reassured by Liahona

I have been a member of the Church since I was eight years old, and I would like to tell you thanks for the edifying messages. Because of the Liahona (French), I am reassured and consoled in knowing that there are faithful young people who hold fast in spite of intense opposition.

Seeing some of my own friends get off the right road has been very painful. Often I have wondered if I would have the strength and courage to resist their call to be part of the world. The sincere testimonies of the young people whose words you publish have strengthened me. It is truly comforting to know that I am not the only young person to have hope in the truth, to practice the gospel, and to strive to have high principles. Thanks very much for that help. The Liahona is a compass in this world.

Vayana Mataoa,
Arue Ward, Arue Tahiti Stake

Editors’ note: In this issue, “Special Witnesses of Christ” replaces the First Presidency Message. Home teachers are encouraged to use this message during the month of April.