Jesus and His Heavenly Father’s House
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“Jesus and His Heavenly Father’s House,” Liahona, Feb. 2001, 12

Jesus and His Heavenly Father’s House

Jesus went to the temple

Jesus went to Jerusalem to the temple. Many people went there to make a sacrifice by killing an animal and burning it on an altar. The sacrifice helped people think about the Savior, who would sacrifice Himself by suffering and dying for them. Lev. 1:3–9; John 2:13; Moses 5:5–7

Sellers weren’t thinking about God

Because some people did not have an animal to sacrifice, other people sold animals to them in the temple. The sellers just wanted to get money. They did not think about God. John 2:14

Jesus did not want people selling in the temple

Jesus saw the people selling animals in the temple. He said the temple was His Heavenly Father’s house, a holy place. He did not want people to sell things there. John 2:16

Jesus chased out the wicked people

Jesus made a whip, overturned the tables, threw the money on the floor, and made the people leave the temple. He would not let them sell animals and be irreverent in Heavenly Father’s house. John 2:15–16

Illustrated by Robert T. Barrett