John the Baptist Is Born

“John the Baptist Is Born,” Liahona, June 2000, 14

John the Baptist Is Born

Mary and Elisabeth

The angel Gabriel told Mary that Elisabeth was going to have a baby boy. Mary and Elisabeth were cousins. Luke 1:36–38

Mary visited Elisabeth

Mary went to visit Elisabeth. The Holy Ghost told Elisabeth that Mary would be the mother of Jesus Christ. Mary and Elisabeth were filled with the Holy Ghost, and they thanked God for blessing them. Mary stayed with Elisabeth for three months. Then she went home to Nazareth. Luke 1:39–56

Elisabeth’s baby is born

Elisabeth’s son was born. Her friends and family were happy. They thought the baby should have the same name as his father, Zacharias. But Elisabeth said his name would be John. Everyone was surprised. Luke 1:57–61

His name is John

The people asked Zacharias what the baby’s name should be. Zacharias still could not talk, so he wrote, “His name is John.” Luke 1:62–63

Zacharias filled with the Holy Ghost

At last Zacharias could speak. He was filled with the Holy Ghost. He thanked God for the baby, and he told the people that Jesus Christ would be born soon. Luke 1:64, 67, 76

John would be a great prophet

John would grow up and teach the people about Jesus. He would be a great prophet. Luke 1:67–80

Illustrated by Paul Mann