Sharing Time: Keeping Promises
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“Sharing Time: Keeping Promises,” Liahona, May 2000, 7

Sharing Time:

Keeping Promises

“And if ye do always remember me ye shall have my Spirit to be with you” (3 Ne. 18:7).

Melinda was almost eight, and she was eager to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. She was ready to make a covenant—a sacred promise—with Heavenly Father.

Melinda had already practiced making and keeping promises. When her mother asked her to read to her little brother each evening, Melinda promised to do it—and she did! And each time she went to her friend’s house, she promised she would be home on time. She kept that promise, too.

Most of all, Melinda was trying to always remember Jesus. When she was tempted to pretend she didn’t hear her father call her to come home, she thought, What would Jesus want me to do? She quickly ran home.

Now she was eager to promise Heavenly Father to keep His commandments and to take upon her the name of His Son and always remember Him. She knew when she was baptized and made that promise, He would promise her that she would always have His Spirit to be with her.

In family home evening, her father taught about the Liahona, a special compass the Lord gave to Lehi’s family to guide them through the wilderness (see 1 Ne. 16). The Liahona worked only when the people were faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments (see 1 Ne. 16:28). Melinda knew she must also be faithful and diligent in keeping her baptismal covenant so she could have the Holy Ghost to guide her. She knew if she kept her promise, Heavenly Father would keep His promise.

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Draw a representation of a Liahona (see 1 Ne. 16:10), and make several copies of it. On the back of each Liahona, write a song title and a question that can be answered with the words of the song. Invite a child to choose a Liahona, read the song title aloud, and answer the question with the help of his or her class. Possible songs: “When Jesus Christ Was Baptized” (Children’s Songbook, 102; The Friend, September 1997, 5)—How did the Holy Ghost descend?; “I Like My Birthdays” (Children’s Songbook, 104; The Friend, October 1999, 16)—If I listen carefully, what will I have?; “Seek the Lord Early” (Children’s Songbook, 108; The Friend, March 1996, 13)—What will the Savior help me to know?; “Faith” (Children’s Songbook, 96–97; The Friend, September 1995, 6–7)—When do I feel my faith grow?

  2. Post the following four sets of scriptures. Give each child a piece of paper titled “Heavenly Father Keeps Promises.” Have the children fold their papers into four sections, one for each set of scripture references. Explain that Heavenly Father always keeps His promises. Ask the children to read each set of scriptures to discover God’s promise, to whom it was made, and how and when it was fulfilled. Have the children write or draw the answers on their papers. Sing a song that correlates with each scripture story. Possible scriptures: (1) 2 Ne. 25:21; 2 Ne. 27:6–9; JS—H 1:30, 34, 59; Book of Mormon title page; (2) Abr. 2:9–11; OD 2; (3) 1 Ne. 2:19–20; 1 Ne. 18:23; (4) John 14:26; Acts 1:5; Acts 2:1, 4.


  1. Mount this page on heavy paper. Punch holes where indicated and cut out the television and the opening for the television screen.

  2. Fold the box and glue where indicated.

  3. Push pencils through the top and bottom of the box (see illustration).

Story box

Illustrated by Thomas S. Child

4. Color and cut out the pictures on page 9. Mount them in order on a long strip of paper.

5. Tape the top of the strip to the top pencil and the bottom of the strip to the bottom pencil. Turn the pencils to see the movie and tell the story.

6. Make pictures of other promises Heavenly Father has made (see Mosiah 24; Moses 6:32–34; Moses 7:13). Share them in family home evening.


1. Lehi discovers the Liahona. (See 1 Ne. 2:2; 1 Ne. 16:10; Alma 37:38.)

Lehi follows directions

2. Lehi’s family follows the directions on the Liahona into the wilderness. (See 1 Ne. 16:12, 16.)

Nephi goes hunting

3. Nephi goes hunting and breaks his bow. (See 1 Ne. 16:18, 20.)

Nephi makes a new bow

4. Nephi makes a new bow and asks his father where to go hunting. (See 1 Ne. 16:23, 25–26.)

Nephi follows directions

5. Nephi follows the directions on the Liahona and obtains food. (See 1 Ne. 16:28–31.)

Nephi builds a ship

6. Nephi builds a ship, and the family departs. (See 1 Ne. 17:6, 8; 1 Ne. 18:4–6, 8.)

Liahona stops working

7. Nephi’s brothers tie him up, and the Liahona stops working. (See 1 Ne. 18:11–14.)

Liahona guides them to the promised land

8. Nephi’s brothers untie him, and the Liahona guides them to the promised land. (See 1 Ne. 18:15–16, 21–23.)

Liahona works when people obey

9. The Liahona worked when the people kept the Lord’s commandments. (See Alma 37:38–41.)

The Holy Ghost guides us if we obey

10. Like the Liahona, the Holy Ghost will not guide us unless we keep our baptismal covenants. If we do, the Holy Ghost will be with us. (See 3 Ne. 18:7.)

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki