Mary and the Angel
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“Mary and the Angel,” Liahona, May 2000, 14

Mary and the Angel

Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth. They were righteous people. They loved each other and were going to be married. Luke 1:26–27

Gabriel visited Mary

One day the angel Gabriel came to Mary. He told Mary that God loved her and would bless her more than any other woman. Luke 1:26, 28–30

Mary would have the baby Jesus

Gabriel told Mary she would have a baby boy, whom she should name Jesus. He would be the Son of Heavenly Father and the King of all righteous people. Luke 1:31–33

Jesus’ father would be Heavenly Father

Mary and Joseph were not yet married; Jesus’ father would be Heavenly Father. Mary said she would obey Heavenly Father and be the mother of Jesus. Luke 1:34–35, 38; 1 Ne. 11:18–21

Illustrated by Paul Mann