Christmas Crafts

“Christmas Crafts,” Liahona, Dec. 1999, 5

Christmas Crafts

Colorful Streamers

By Ruth R. Harmon

To make these streamers to decorate for Christmas, you will need scissors, pieces of colored paper approximately 22 centimeters x 28 centimeters, a ruler, and glue or a stapler.

  1. Cut a piece of paper in half lengthwise. (Each half-piece will make a streamer.)

  2. On a long side of one half-piece of paper, cut strips 2.5 centimeters apart to within 1.5 centimeters of the opposite edge of the paper (see illustration number 1).

  3. On the opposite long side, cut between the cuts you have already made to within 1.5 centimeters of the other edge of the paper (see illustration number 2).

  4. For a different streamer design, fold a half-piece of paper in half again lengthwise, then cut the strips as directed in steps 2 and 3.

  5. Cut several streamers of each design. For each design, glue or staple the ends together until you have the desired length.

Three-Dimensional Christmas Tree

By Kathy H. Stephens

To make a three-dimensional tree, you will need a pencil, white paper, scissors, green construction paper, paper clips, a hole punch, various colors of paper, and glue.

  1. Trace the tree pattern on this page onto white paper. Cut it out.

  2. Fold a piece of green construction paper (twice as large as your pattern) in half. Place the long, straight side of the pattern along the fold, and hold it in place with paper clips.

  3. Cut along the solid lines on the pattern. Move the paper clips as necessary, but make sure the pattern doesn’t slip.

  4. Fold the sides of the tree along the dashed line; then remove the pattern and open the green tree. Starting at the top, alternately bend the cut strips in and out (see illustration).

  5. Use the hole punch and colored paper to make paper ornaments to glue on the tree. Or use star stickers or markers to decorate your tree. Stand it up and use it as a table decoration, or punch a hole in the top and hang it up with string or ribbon.

Border by Karen Morgan; illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

Photograph by Tamra Hamblin