Gospel-Oriented Activity Nights

    “Gospel-Oriented Activity Nights,” Liahona, Sept. 1999, 30

    Gospel-Oriented Activity Nights

    Can’t think of anything to do for a youth or a ward or branch activity night? Here are some ideas to help you think of gospel-oriented activities. Use these ideas. Adapt them. Come up with your own ideas that are fun—and that are based on gospel principles.

    Develop Talents and Leadership Skills

    • Take a tour of your local library. Find out how to use it fully.

    • Hold an ethnic cooking class. Ask a native of another country or a returned missionary to come and show you how to make tasty foreign meals.

    • Visit a business that stays open at a time you can go (a newspaper, radio station, grocery store, and so on), and learn about that kind of work.

    • Invite someone who is qualified to give you a lesson in first aid.

    • Ask someone to teach the group how to lead music. Then form an “orchestra” using your imagination to create instruments out of common household items.

    • Plan a fireside for the ward or branch, focusing on an important topic such as missionary work, scripture study, or testimony.

    • Invite someone to speak on how to look for and find a job.

    Supplement Family Activities

    • Have a family history night. Learn how to do family history research or to write a personal history.

    • Offer to babysit the children of couples attending the temple—or of sisters attending Relief Society Homemaking night. Plan a group activity for the children.

    • Have a letter-writing night when everyone writes a letter to a community leader, a bishop, or a parent.

    • Organize a family home evening clinic where everyone shares a favorite activity or lesson.

    Serve Others

    • Help a charity or nonprofit organization in your community.

    • Write letters to the missionaries from your ward or branch.

    • Visit the bishop or branch president’s house and perform service for his family, such as cooking, cleaning, or working in the yard.

    • Sing for people who are lonely or sad. And don’t wait for Christmas—you can spread cheer on any day.

    • Volunteer to prepare and serve dinner at an orphanage or a local homeless shelter.

    • Pick up trash in a section of your community.

    • Go to a hospital and read stories to children.

    Strengthen Testimonies

    • Ask the missionaries in your area to conduct a mission preparation workshop.

    • Host a special activity to which missionaries can bring their investigators.

    • Take turns drawing pictures that represent a story from the scriptures and see if others can guess which scripture story it is.

    • Make a play about a Book of Mormon story to perform for the Primary during Sharing Time.

    Make Friends in a Wholesome Environment

    • Form a dating panel. Have the young women tell the young men what they like to do, what bothers them, and so on, and have the young men do the same.

    • Have everyone bring a favorite recipe and make a cookbook.

    • Have a Mormon Message brainstorming contest, and create your own Mormon Message posters!

    Photograph by Maren Mecham

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