Sharing Time: ‘Come unto Christ’
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“Sharing Time: ‘Come unto Christ’” Liahona, Dec. 1998, 8

Sharing Time:

“Come unto Christ”

“Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him” (Moro. 10:32).

Do you remember that Lehi and his family had to leave their home and go into the wilderness? Do you remember that they found a special ball outside their tent door? They called it the Liahona. The Liahona showed them the way to go, but it worked only when they had faith and obeyed God’s word. When they were lazy or unkind, it stopped working and they lost their way. (See 1 Ne. 16.)

Alma tells us that the words of Christ are like the Liahona. Christ’s words show us the way back to our Father in Heaven (see Alma 37:44). We can read Christ’s words in the scriptures. We can hear his words from our living prophets. When we have faith and choose the right, we will hear the whisperings of the Holy Ghost and understand the words of Christ. We will know the right way to go.

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the angels in heaven rejoiced. They knew that this baby was born to be our Savior. Jesus Christ came into the world for us. He lived his life as an example for us. He died so we can live again. He wants us to come unto him, to live worthily so that we may live again with him and Heavenly Father. Just as the shepherds and the Wise Men came, just as the children came and gathered round his knee, we, too, can come to Jesus Christ. We “come unto Christ” today by listening to his words and by keeping his commandments.


Remove page 9 from the magazine, and mount it on heavy paper. Cut along the dotted lines, including the dotted lines around the figures and the title. Draw a picture of yourself in the box as indicated. Form a box by following the instructions at the top of the next page. When your box is finished, look through the open end to see a picture of yourself looking on at the Nativity.

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. To help the children memorize Moroni 10:32 [Moro. 10:32], hide different parts or pictures of a Nativity scene around the room. After the children find the pieces, invite them, one at a time, to place the pieces in the appropriate place in the scene and to repeat Moro. 10:32. When all the pieces are in place, invite everyone to repeat the scripture together. Sing “Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful” (Hymns, number 202). Discuss what it means to “come unto Christ” today—to follow his example, to keep his commandments, to prepare to be baptized, and so on. Give the children sheets of paper with one of the following scriptures printed on the bottom: Luke 2:16 (Mary, Joseph, and Jesus); Luke 2:8 (shepherds); Luke 2:12–14 (angels); Matt. 2:1 (Wise Men). Have the children illustrate the verse on their piece of paper. If possible, display the drawings in the Primary room or where other members of the ward or branch can enjoy them. Include the words of Moro. 10:32 in the display.

  2. This year we’ve been learning about the theme “I Know the Scriptures Are True.” Explain that when we search, ponder, and pray about the scriptures, we know that they contain the word of God. Display the scriptures you’ve memorized or discussed this year and ask the children to share which scripture or scripture story has had a special meaning for them and why. (You might ask several children in advance.) Discuss Alma’s comparison of the word of God to a seed (see Alma 32:28–32). Read Alma 32:23 with them. Share your testimony of the scriptures and your understanding that children can also know that the scriptures are true. Sing “Seek the Lord Early” (Children’s Songbook, 108; The Friend, March 1996, 13).

Illustrated by Nathan Pinnock