Lehi’s Journey to the Promised Land

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“Lehi’s Journey to the Promised Land,” Liahona, Nov. 1996, 12

Lehi’s Journey to the Promised Land


Remove pages 8–9 and mount them on lightweight cardboard. You will need a die (one of a pair of dice), differently colored buttons for game pieces, and the Book of Mormon.

TO PLAY: Each player chooses a button and places it on START. Take turns rolling the die and moving the game pieces forward that many spaces. Then match the number in the space with the same one in the key (below). Read all the information aloud and follow the directions. Each player must land on Space 33 in order to enter the PROMISED LAND.


  1. Lehi has a vision. Read 1 Nephi 1:8 [1 Ne. 1:8]. Move ahead one space.

  2. God tells Lehi that Jerusalem will be destroyed. Read 1 Ne. 1:13.

  3. Lehi warns the people, but they do not believe him. Instead, they mock him. Read 1 Ne. 1:18–19. Go back one space.

  4. God tells Lehi to leave Jerusalem and go into the wilderness. Read 1 Ne. 2:2.

  5. 5. Lehi obeys God. Read 1 Ne. 2:3–4. Move ahead three spaces.

  6. Laman and Lemuel complain. Read 1 Ne. 2:12–13. Go back one space.

  7. Nephi prays to God. Read 1 Ne. 2:16.

  8. God wants Nephi and his brothers to return to Jerusalem for the brass plates. Read 1 Ne. 3:1–4. Move ahead one space.

  9. Laban will not give the brothers the brass plates. Read 1 Ne. 3:13, 24–26.

  10. Laman and Lemuel are angry. Read 1 Ne. 3:28. Lose one turn.

  11. An angel of the Lord reprimands Laman and Lemuel. Read 1 Ne. 3:29.

  12. The Holy Ghost tells Nephi to kill Laban. Read 1 Ne. 4:6–8, 12–13.

  13. Zoram, Laban’s servant, gives the brass plates to Nephi and leaves with him. Read 1 Ne. 4:35, 38.

  14. Ishmael’s family joins Lehi’s family. Read 1 Ne. 7:5.

  15. Laman and Lemuel rebel and want to go home. Read 1 Ne. 7:6–7. Lose one turn.

  16. Lehi sees a vision of the tree of life. Read 1 Ne. 8:2, 10. Move ahead two spaces.

  17. Nephi interprets Lehi’s vision. Read 1 Ne. 15:21–24.

  18. Nephi, his brothers, and Zoram marry Ishmael’s daughters. Read 1 Ne. 16:7.

  19. Lehi finds the Liahona. Read 1 Ne. 16:10.

  20. Nephi breaks his bow. Read 1 Ne. 16:18. Move back one space.

  21. Nephi makes a new bow, and the Liahona directs him to food. Read 1 Ne. 16:23, 26, 30–31. Move ahead one space.

  22. The Liahona guides the people when they are faithful and obedient. Read 1 Ne. 16:28.

  23. Ishmael dies, and his daughters murmur. Read 1 Ne. 16:34–35.

  24. Laman and Lemuel want to slay Lehi and Nephi; they are chastised by the Lord. Read 1 Ne. 16:37, 39. Move back one space and lose one turn.

  25. Lehi and his people come to the sea. Read 1 Ne. 17:4–6. Move ahead one space.

  26. God tells Nephi to build a ship. Read 1 Ne. 17:8.

  27. Laman and Lemuel do not want to build a ship. Read 1 Ne. 17: 18–19. Go back one space.

  28. Nephi confounds his brothers with the power of God. Read 1 Ne. 17:52–55.

  29. Sariah and Lehi have two more sons in the wilderness. Read 1 Ne. 18:7.

  30. Lehi’s people begin the voyage across the sea. Read 1 Ne. 18:8.

  31. Laman and Lemuel bind Nephi in cords. Read 1 Ne. 18:11–13. Lose one turn.

  32. Laman and Lemuel repent and untie Nephi. Read 1 Ne. 18:20–21.

  33. After sailing for many days, they arrive at the promised land. Read 1 Ne. 18:23. Go to the Promised Land.

Illustrated by Dick Brown