June 1996

“Contents,” Liahona, June 1996


June 1996

Volume 20, Number 6

On the cover: Hema Gutty of India’s Hyderabad Second Branch deftly puts the finishing touches on Indian folk art known as rongoli, or sand painting. (Cover photography by Michael R. Morris.)

Back cover: The 350-year-old Taj Mahal (top) is considered one of India’s cultural treasures. Members of today’s generation of Indians are discovering the spiritual treasure of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Young women (below) draw a chalk pattern for a rongoli. From left: Karuna Nelapudi, Prardhana Veerabathula, and Deepa Nelapudi. See “India: A Season of Sowing,” page 34. (Cover photography by Michael R. Morris.)

Inside back cover: The Resurrected Christ Blesses the Nephite Children, by Robert T. Barrett. After teaching the people at the Nephite city of Bountiful, the resurrected Savior blessed and prayed for the children, then said, “Behold your little ones.” The multitude saw angels descending out of heaven and encircling “those little ones … ; and the angels did minister unto them” (see 3 Ne. 17).