Aaron Teaches Lamoni’s Father

    “Aaron Teaches Lamoni’s Father,” Tambuli, Oct. 1993, 2

    Aaron Teaches Lamoni’s Father

    Aaron teaches Lamoni’s father

    The Spirit of the Lord guided Aaron and his companions to the land of Nephi to teach Lamoni’s father, the king over all the Lamanites. Alma 22:1

    Aaron is Ammon’s brother

    Aaron told the king that he was Ammon’s brother. The king had been thinking about Ammon’s kindness and about what he had said. Alma 22:2–3

    Aaron teaches there is a God

    When asked if he believed in God, the king replied that if Aaron said that God exists, he would believe in Him. Aaron assured the king that there is a God. Alma 22:5–8

    Aaron teaches about Jesus

    Aaron read the scriptures to the king. He taught him about the creation of the world, the fall of Adam, and the mission of Jesus Christ. Alma 22:12–14

    The king would give up his kingdom to live with God

    The king asked what he needed to do to be able to live with God and be happy. He said that he would do anything, even give up his kingdom. Alma 22:15

    The king needs to repent

    Aaron told the king to kneel and pray and to have faith in God. He also needed to fully repent of his sins. Alma 22:16

    The king prays

    The king knelt and prayed to know that there really is a God. He said that he would give up all his sins. Alma 22:17–18

    The king falls to the ground

    The king fell to the ground as if he were dead. When the queen saw him, she thought that Aaron and his companions had killed him. Alma 22:19

    The queen orders Aaron killed

    The queen ordered the servants to kill Aaron and his companions. They were afraid to, so she sent for other people to do it. Alma 22:20–21

    Aaron commands the king to stand

    Before a large crowd could gather and cause trouble, Aaron took the king’s hand and said, “Stand,” and the king stood up. Alma 22:22

    Many believe in Jesus

    The king calmed his frightened wife and his servants and taught them the gospel. Then they all believed in Jesus Christ. Alma 22:23

    Illustrated by Jerry Thompson