The Book of Jacob

    “The Book of Jacob,” Tambuli, Feb. 1989, 8

    The Book of Jacob

    Match the words with the correct description.

    1. Tame olive tree

    a. Had strong testimony of Christ and would not deny Him to Sherem

    2. Sherem

    b. Jacob said that they were more righteous than Nephites.

    3. Plates

    c. Represented house of Israel in allegory

    4. Lamanites

    d. Jacob’s son

    5. Nephi

    e. Did not believe in Christ and asked for a sign

    6. Zenos

    f. Difficult to engrave on

    7. Jacob

    g. Commanded his brother Jacob to write on the plates and to protect them

    8. Enos

    h. Jacob told this prophet’s allegory of the tame and wild olive trees.