Cory’s Baptism

“Cory’s Baptism,” Tambuli, Sept. 1977, 18

Cory’s Baptism

1 Cory prepares himself for baptism by attending Sunday School and Primary.

2 He also attends sacrament meeting with his family and friends.

3 Reading the scriptures helps Cory prepare himself.

4 Everyone in Cory’s family celebrates his birthday during family home evening.

5 Cory’s father and mother discuss with him the importance of his special birthday and what it means to be baptized.

6 Cory talks with his bishop about his worthiness and willingness to be baptized.

7 He also talks with our Heavenly Father and offers a special prayer for his baptism on Saturday.

8 At the baptism Cory sits with his father and some of his friends who are also being baptized. They all must be dressed in white.

9 After an opening song and prayer a short review is given about the importance of baptism.

10 Each child is helped into the water by the person who does the baptizing.

11 When it is Cory’s turn, his father shows him what to do.

12 Then Cory’s father raises his hand to the square, says the prayer, and baptizes him by immersion.

13 Cory’s family is very proud of him, especially Grandma and Grandpa.

14 After the baptism is performed, Cory and his father leave the baptismal font. Next fast meeting Cory will be confirmed a member of the Church and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Photos by Eldon Linschoten