Book of Mormon Heroes
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“Book of Mormon Heroes,” Tambuli, June 1977, 21

Book of Mormon Heroes

The Book of Mormon contains many stories of men who had great faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes these men were placed in great danger. They were given difficult tasks to accomplish. See if you can name the leaders in the following stories.

1) This man lived just after the Flood during the building of the Tower of Babel. He was commanded by the Lord to build ships that would carry his family and some of his friends to a promised land. After the ships were built, they needed something to light the boats, so the people would not have to cross the ocean in darkness. This man took 16 small stones before the Lord and asked him to touch the stones so they would shine and light the way. He saw the finger of the Lord as the Lord touched the stones. Then the Lord revealed himself to this man. Was this man the brother of Jared, Hagoth, or Lamoni? Check your answer in Ether 3:6.

2) This man was the leader of 2,000 young men who fought valiantly for the liberty of the Nephites. These 2,000 young men had been taught by their mothers that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them from harm. And even though they were wounded many times in battle, not one of the 2,000 lost his life during the struggles with the Lamanites. Who is the leader of these 2,000 youths? Find the answer in Alma 53:18–19.

3) This man was commanded by the Lord to take his family and leave Jerusalem so they would not be destroyed. He traveled with his family for eight years in the wilderness. They then crossed the ocean and came to America. Who was this man? You will find the answer in 1 Nephi 2:1–2 [1 Ne. 2:1–2].

4) When he was ten years old, this boy was visited by the prophet Ammaron. Ammaron told the boy that when he was 24, he was to go to a hill called Shim where he would find the records of the Nephite people. He was to write the history of the Nephites upon the Plates of Nephi. Later, when he was a man, this boy condensed many of the Nephite records into what is now the Book of Mormon. Was his name Moroni, Coriantumr, or Mormon? Check your answer in Mormon 1:2–4 [Morm. 1:2–4].

5) This Lamanite prophet visited the Nephite people and preached repentance to them. The people became angry and cast him out of their towns. As he was returning to his own land, the Lord spoke to him and told trim to return to the city, where he was to prophesy whatever the Lord told him to say. Because he could not get back into the city, he climbed upon a high wall and preached to the people. The people tried to stone him. They shot arrows at him. But the Spirit of the Lord was with him, and they could not hit him. After he had delivered the message the Lord gave to him, this prophet jumped off the wall and returned to his own country. His name was either Ammon, Samuel, or Korihor. Who was he? Helaman 13:2–4; 16:1–7 [Hel. 13:2–4; Hel. 16:1–7] contains the answer.

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Answers to Quiz:

  • 1. Brother of Jared; 2. Helaman; 3. Lehi; 4. Mormon; 5. Samuel.