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Temple at the Crossroads of the World

“Temple at the Crossroads of the World,” Global Histories: Hong Kong (2021)

“Temple at the Crossroads of the World,” Global Histories: Hong Kong

Temple at the Crossroads of the World

Hong Kong China Temple

Hong Kong China Temple.

Tse Hoi Lun (Helen) 謝凱倫, who served as the secretary for the Hong Kong China Temple, has rubbed shoulders with Latter-day Saints from many walks of life. Helen received patrons from the People’s Republic of China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and even Mongolia. Helen assisted members prior to their travel, sorting out paperwork and accommodation in the 52-bed temple patron housing facility.

“It’s exciting to see all these people from all over the world,” Helen said. “Some of them can only come to the temple one time in their lives.” Many members save their money for the trip and stay for an entire week. “Each day they arrive when we open and stay all day until the temple’s closed.” Helen recounted the story of one family from Indonesia coming to the temple for the first time. Two weeks prior to the temple trip, the mother of the family passed away. Her husband decided not to cancel the trip. He brought his wife’s photo with him to the session in which he received his endowment. When the session was over, he was weeping. He told Helen he had seen his wife in a dream a few nights earlier, wearing strange clothing. In the endowment session, he realized that his wife had been wearing temple clothing. Helen recounted, “He told me his wife is waiting for him on the other side, and the family can be eternal.”