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The Brazilian Senate Honors the Church

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The Brazilian Senate Honors the Church

Brazil: Senate Floor

Members of the Federal Senate of Brazil and representatives of the Church meet in the senate chamber.

In November 2007 the Brazilian government sponsored a series of events recognizing the Church’s contributions in Brazil. During the first week of the month, Jornal Da Band, a national news program, aired short segments detailing the history of the Church.

The celebration culminated with a plenary session of the Federal Senate of Brazil to honor the Church. The session commemorated the 80th anniversary of the Church in Brazil and included addresses from several senators, who praised the Church for its commitment to humanitarian aid, to family, and to “foster[ing] the highest character of the Brazilian people.”

“The tenacity and the dedication they include in their religion is aimed at families and is carried out by them every week in their homes, in their temples and in other places of worship,” said Senator Edison Labão, the organizer of the session. Senator Álvaro Dias praised the Church’s Helping Hands program. “The Mormon Church in Brazil carries out social responsibility in its true fullness,” Dias said.