For the Strength of Youth
Disciple to Disciple
January 2024

“Disciple to Disciple,” For the Strength of Youth, Jan. 2024.

2024 Youth Theme

Disciple to Disciple

How can you be a disciple of Jesus Christ? It’s simpler than you might think. Check out these examples that youth share about the disciples in their lives.

young men

Keyler C., age 13

From Guayas, Ecuador. Likes to play basketball and the violin.

Two of my friends from church, Arick and Mike, have taught me the importance of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Their example has helped me to have more of a desire to serve a mission. Now I’m excited to share about Jesus Christ to those in need.

My friends are also good examples of Christ by the way they speak. They’ve shared many experiences with me about following Jesus Christ, which has encouraged me to draw closer to Him. For example, my friend has taught me that when we have a question, we can ask God. And how do we know when He’s responded? We will know in our hearts. That’s the Spirit saying God is talking to us and that we are choosing the right path. 

young woman and young man

Ayotunde Raphael A., age 15

From Oyo, Nigeria. Likes dancing, sports, and teaching with the missionaries.

My friend Ewa (short for Ewaoluwa) is an example of a disciple of Christ to me. She once offended me, and I was angry with her. Then she asked for my forgiveness. Through that process, I learned humility and forgiveness from her. She was so humble when she apologized, and I forgave her.

To me, being a disciple of Jesus Christ is to keep Heavenly Father’s commandments, to love God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and to care more for others.

young man

Gabriel A., age 12

From Oyo, Nigeria. Likes to play football (soccer).

I knew a boy from church who was a bully before, but one day he suddenly changed. I decided to ask him, “Why did you change?” He told me that he prayed, read his scriptures, had faith, and worked hard to change his behavior. It helped me because now when I want to make a decision, academically or spiritually, I usually pray for God to guide me.

My friend might not be perfect, but his behavior touched my heart. Now I usually read the scriptures before I take any step in my life. My friend’s example has brought me closer to Christ because any time I sin, I can go back to the Lord in prayer and repentance. Going to the Lord has helped me set aside my burdens.