How can I keep my thoughts clean from the negative influences around me?
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“How can I keep my thoughts clean from the negative influences around me?” For the Strength of Youth, Apr. 2021, 30–31.

Questions & Answers

“How can I keep my thoughts clean from the negative influences around me?”

Be an Example

Young single adult

“Some of my friends will sometimes use vulgar or obscene vocabulary. When bad words come into my mind, I try to remember that I am a witness of Jesus Christ at all times and that I must be an example to my friends. I want to express myself how Jesus Christ would.”

Naobi L., 16, Mexico City, Mexico

Replace Thoughts

Young Woman

“President Boyd K. Packer once explained how our mind is like a stage [see Oct. 1973 general conference]. There is only enough room for one thing to be playing on the stage at a time. If you feel unclean thoughts, try thinking about holy things! They can replace whatever was on your stage. What helps me is singing Primary songs. I either think about them or quietly whisper them.”

Alyssa F., 17, Washington, USA

Prepare Ahead of Time

Young man

“I do my best to let only clean and uplifting media into my life so that when people use unclean language, I have good thoughts to pull from. I also try to surround myself with friends who have my standards. It makes it much easier to choose the right and not feel tempted to use unclean language or think unclean thoughts.”

Nathan Z., 13, Utah, USA

Listen to Good Things

Young Asian girl

“One way we can get unclean language out of our minds is listening to music that is pleasing to our Heavenly Father such as hymns. Listening to the scriptures could also help us with our personal and family studies. Also, listening to conference talks can help us focus on hearing promptings from the Spirit.”

Sandra M., 17, El Salvador

Look to Heavenly Father

Young girl

“I try to replace a negative or unclean thought with a positive one by thinking of something fun I’m looking forward to. If you think of something positive and uplifting, you can filter out the negative! If you think about your Heavenly Father and your Savior, you will find the strength and power to push bad thoughts away.”

Breelynn S., 12, Georgia, USA