Twelve Smiley Stickers
February 2023

“Twelve Smiley Stickers ,” Friend, February 2023, 4–5

Twelve Smiley Stickers

Could Antonio complete the challenge?

Twelve Smiley Stickers (February 2023)

“I have a challenge for you,” Antonio’s Primary teacher said. “One way to be like Jesus is to help others. So this week, try to help as many people as you can.”

She gave everyone a piece of paper and 12 smiley-face stickers. “Each time you help someone, put a smiley face on your paper. Then bring your paper to class next week.”

Antonio was excited to do the challenge. But it was harder than it sounded. Soon it was already Thursday, and he still didn’t have any stickers on his paper. “Heavenly Father, please help me find someone to help,” he prayed.

The next morning, Antonio told Mom about the challenge. “I don’t know who to help!” he said.

Just then, Antonio’s baby brother started crying. “I can watch Zach while you make breakfast,” Antonio said.

He made some silly faces. Soon Zach was smiling and giggling.

“If that’s not worth a smiley face,” Mom said, “I don’t know what is!”

After breakfast, Antonio washed the dishes. He took a spider out of his sister’s bedroom. Two more smiley faces!

Twelve Smiley Stickers (February 2023)

After school Antonio helped Dad give their dog, Radar, a bath outside. When they were done, Radar shook the water from his fur. Antonio and Dad laughed.

Then Antonio saw Mr. Wakefield across the street pulling weeds. “Can I help him, Dad? He looks really hot and tired.”

“That’s a great idea,” Dad said. When the last weed was gone, Mr. Wakefield had a big smile.

Twelve Smiley Stickers (February 2023)

By Saturday, Antonio had 11 smiley faces on his paper. He needed just one more to finish the challenge! Mom said they were going to visit Great-Uncle Francisco, who lived in a nursing home. That gave Antonio an idea! He got out his crayons and drew lots of pictures.

When they got there, Antonio handed his uncle a picture of a sunset. Uncle Francisco gave Antonio a little smile. Then Antonio gave the rest of the pictures to other people who lived there. There were so many happy smiles!

On the way home, Mom said, “We can stop at a store to get more smiley face stickers if you want.”

“I didn’t do it to get more stickers,” Antonio said. “I like making people happy.”

“And that makes Heavenly Father and Jesus happy!” Dad said.

“Looks like you’re happy too,” Mom said. Antonio was smiling so big his cheeks hurt.

Friend Magazine, 2023-02 Feb

Illustrations by Conner Gillette