For Older Kids

    “For Older Kids,” Friend, July 2020, 31

    For Older Kids

    Friend Magazine, 2020/07 Jul

    Illustrations by Nicole Walkenhorst


    What animal is smarter than a talking parrot? (See answer below.)

    New Friends

    One day I was at the playground with my friends playing on the monkey bars. I saw a little girl sitting on the edge of the slide all alone. I told my friends that we should play with her. We went over to her and asked her to play. It felt good helping one another.

    Lindsay L., age 10, Nevada, USA

    A Look inside the Temple

    In the temple, a man and a woman can be married and sealed together forever. This room in the temple is where the bride gets ready.

    Unscramble the letters to find out which country this temple is in. Hint: The city is called Barranquilla. (See answer below.)


    Family History Corner

    A pioneer is someone who does something new and helps others to follow.Were you the first in your family to do something? What was it? Draw or write about it in your journal!

    Secret Service

    • For one day, pick up three pieces of litter wherever you go and throw them away.

    • Send a nice note to a teacher.

    • Draw happy messages on the sidewalk with chalk.

    Art Challenge

    Draw an octopus using the letter O! Thanks to Emma B. from Idaho, USA, for sharing this idea.

    Answers: A spelling bee! Colombia