Moroni and the Mechanic

    “Moroni and the Mechanic,” Friend, January 2018

    Friend to Friend

    Moroni and the Mechanic

    “And a little child shall lead them” (2 Nephi 30:12).

    Friend to Friend

    Illustration by Kevin Keele

    Many years ago, our family was driving home to São Paulo, Brazil, after visiting relatives. Just as we drove up a steep road, our car broke down.

    We tried to restart the car for several minutes. But it wouldn’t start. Car after car passed us. No one stopped to help.

    Finally I told my family that we should pray. My six-year-old son, Moroni, said, “Don’t worry, Daddy. I already prayed.”

    “What did you pray for?” I asked.

    “I prayed to Heavenly Father that the right person would come by to help us,” he said.

    Soon two bright lights appeared behind our car. It was a tow truck. The driver was a mechanic.

    “You’re very lucky,” he said. “I finished my work for the day and was heading home.”

    He fixed our car. Then he followed us to make sure we got home safely.

    I asked Moroni if he knew how special this experience was. “Of course,” he said. “Heavenly Father heard my prayer. So now I have my own testimony! I don’t have to borrow it from you anymore, Dad.” My heart was touched by Moroni’s faithful example.

    Moroni is grown now, but I still remember his good example from when he was small. Even as a child, you can be an example to your family and friends.

    You Can Be a Bright Example Now!

    These children are all bright examples. Use the clues and fill out the chart to find out how old they are and where they’re from. Check your answers below.

    • Conan S. shines by saying sorry when he does something wrong.

    • Noane P. shines by obeying her parents.

    • Megan B. shines by inviting friends to church.

    • Bryanna W. shines by not gossiping.

    • Asher T. shines by being an example at school.


    1. None of the girls are from Texas.

    2. The six-year-old is not from Utah or Australia.

    3. The four-year-old is from Canada, but Bryanna is from the USA.

    4. Megan is exactly two years older than Conan.

    5. Asher is younger than Bryanna but older than Noane.

    Now look over the clues again to see what else you can fill in!


    • Tip 1: Put an O in the boxes you know are TRUE and an X in the boxes you know are FALSE.

    • Tip 2: When you add an O, be sure to mark Xs on the rest of the row and column the O is on. (If that box is true, the rest have to be false.)

    • Tip 3: If all the boxes in a row are marked with an X except for one, you know that box is the answer! Put an O in it. Don’t forget to mark Xs in the other direction!

    How are you a bright example? Send in a star! See page 39 to see how.

    • Answers: Conan S., age 4, Ontario, Canada; Noane P., age 7, Victoria, Australia; Megan B., age 6, Pennsylvania, USA; Bryanna W., age 11, Utah, USA; Asher T., age 10, Texas, USA