Heavenly Stepping-Stones

    “Heavenly Stepping-Stones,” Friend, January 2018

    Heavenly Stepping-Stones

    The author lives in Colorado, USA.

    Friend Magazine, 2018/01 Jan

    Illustrations by Juan Caminador

    Shannon was sitting in Primary. She was listening to Sister Tayson teach a lesson. The lesson was about following Jesus and Heavenly Father.

    Sister Tayson put papers on the floor. The papers looked like stepping-stones. Each one was something that leads us closer to Heavenly Father. Sister Tayson read each one. They said:

    “Be baptized.”

    “Receive the Holy Ghost.”

    “Go to the temple.”

    Shannon frowned. She wasn’t old enough to do those things. But then Sister Tayson put down another step.

    “Can you read this stone?” Sister Tayson asked Shannon.

    Shannon was just learning to read. She looked at the paper stone and read, “Pray.” She thought about that.

    “I can do that!” she said. She felt happy.

    Sister Tayson smiled. “You can do lots of good things!”

    She asked other children to read stepping-stones. They said:

    “Say nice things.”

    “Go to church.”

    “Help with chores.”

    Shannon felt better as Sister Tayson showed each step. She knew she could follow those steps. She didn’t have to wait to follow Jesus! She didn’t have to wait to follow Heavenly Father! And when she was older, she could do all of the things on the stepping-stones.