Friends by Mail

    “Friends by Mail,” Friend, January 2018

    Friends by Mail

    Friends by Mail

    For Older Kids

    Lately I have been thinking there weren’t enough stories for older kids in the Friend. But when I looked at the “For Older Kids” section, I was so excited about it that I had to write to thank you for it!

    Tabitha L., age 11, Massachusetts, USA

    Singing for the Friend!

    The Vaiola Ward Primary, Utah, USA, sang the recordings for some new songs for the Friend. Turn to page 9 to sing one of these songs and to find the link for the sing-along video to hear the choir!

    Kindness Challenge

    I took the “kindness challenge” (Feb. 2017) when I met a new boy in Primary named Mason. I learned new things about him and invited him to come over to play. The best part was that he liked coming to church and he wants to come again!

    Lincoln S. (right), age 5, Virginia, USA

    Visiting the Friend

    We went on holiday to Salt Lake City and visited the Friend office!

    Rebekah, Joseph, Keziah, and Rachel B., ages 9, 11, 10, and 7, Cornwall, England

    Dear Friends,

    Happy New Year! When you look into the sky at night, what do you see? Do you see a sky full of stars? Or just a few bright stars? Jesus asked each of us to let our light shine. This year we you can tell us how you do that! Read pages 2–3 and send us your star and story. We love you so much.

    Keep shining!

    The Friend