For Parents of Little Ones

    “For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, January 2018

    For Parents of Little Ones

    letter to parents

    Illustration by Dan Burr

    As the Primary song says, “Saturday is a special day. It’s the day we get ready for Sunday” (Children’s Songbook, 196). Although we may not brush our clothes or shine our shoes, the song’s message rings true today—preparing on Saturday is the secret to a happier Sunday.

    Here are some ideas for getting ready for the Sabbath with your young children:

    1. Make a Saturday checklist with tasks little ones can help with. You could include pictures for taking a bath, finding shoes, and laying out clothes, for example. Letting them mark off completed tasks can make kids more eager to cooperate.

    2. Create a Sabbath soundtrack. Playing special music signals that this day is different. You can find music at or download free music at

    3. Sunday can feel like a day of “can’t”s to young children. Instead, talk about things you can and will do, like bake cookies, visit someone, act out scripture stories, or take a walk together.

    4. Have everything ready ahead of time for a stress-free morning. Plan an easy breakfast, have the diaper bag ready to go (or even in the car!), and gather materials you may need for a lesson.