Following Paw Prints

    “Following Paw Prints,” Friend, January 2018

    Following Paw Prints

    Following Paw Prints

    Illustrations by Chris Sharp

    Derek saw paw prints in the snow. What animal made them? Derek followed the paw prints down the sidewalk. He looked around and saw Mrs. Lawson walking slowly across the ice. Derek held her hand and helped her into her house. The paw prints kept going, and Derek followed them. He spotted Mr. Russell shoveling snow. Derek stopped to help him shovel. Then Derek saw more paw prints! He followed them and peeked into Mr. Russell’s backyard. There was Cloudy, Mr. Russell’s cat! Derek likes following things. Most of all, he likes following the example of Jesus by helping others.

    Derek Follows Jesus

    Jesus is happy when we help others! How can Derek help his family members in this picture?

    Bonus: Can you find these things in the picture above?