Meet President Russell M. Nelson

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“Meet President Russell M. Nelson,” Friend, Feb. 2016, 13

Meet President Russell M. Nelson

As a boy, Russell’s parents taught him that family should always come first. In the evenings he would play games, read, or sing with his parents and siblings.

He did many activities in school, including football. Years later when he became a doctor, he operated on his high school football coach.

When he was 22 years old, he finished medical school with high honors. He then worked hard to become an expert heart surgeon.

He met his wife, Dantzel White, when they were in a college play together. She was the lead singer, and she had a beautiful voice. They had 10 children together before she passed away. Later he married Wendy Watson.

Music is a big part of his life. Growing up, he sang in choirs and musicals and played the piano. Now he often plays the organ at meetings with the other General Authorities.

As a doctor, he has helped thousands of sick people. But he says, “The real power to heal is a gift from God.”