Bringing the Scriptures to Life

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“Bringing the Scriptures to Life,” Friend, Feb. 2013, 47

Bringing the Scriptures to Life

Liken the Scriptures

Have you ever built a boat or been imprisoned in a lion’s den? Probably not—but you can still learn things from Nephi, Daniel, and your other scripture heroes. One way is to “liken the scriptures,” or compare the stories to your own life. “Likening” makes the scriptures come to life! As you read the scriptures, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I or has someone I know ever been in a similar situation?

  • How did the person in the story feel? Have I ever felt that way?

  • What lesson can I learn from the story?

Try Likening

  • Some classmates make fun of you for not swearing. What can you learn about being true to your standards from Queen Esther? (See Esther 4–5, 7.)

  • You just found out you’re moving. What can you learn from Nephi’s example when he had to leave Jerusalem? (See 1 Nephi 2.)

  • You’re feeling lonely and forgotten. What can you learn from Joseph Smith’s experience at Liberty Jail? (See D&C 121–122.)

  • You’re nervous about giving a talk on Sunday, and you want to play sick. What can you learn from Jonah? (See Jonah 1–2.)

Now you try it! How else can you liken scriptures to challenges you face?

Other Ideas

  • Study by topic. If you’re nervous about a test, you could look up “comfort” in the index or topical guide and study the scripture references.

  • Pray. Ask Heavenly Father to help you understand what you’re reading and how to apply it to your life.

  • Pay attention. You hear a lot about the scriptures in family home evening and church. Pay attention, and the Holy Ghost can remind you of your favorite scripture stories when you face a challenge.

  • Keep a scripture journal. Write down some of your questions and struggles. As you read your scriptures, write down the answers you find! See “Scripture Journal” in the January 2010 Friend for some great ideas.

Illustration by Ben Simonsen