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“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Feb. 2013, 12–13

Bulletin Board

I Love to See the Temple

Have you met Finlay T. yet? (See pages 18–19.) He likes to visit the temple in London. Here are a few facts about the London England Temple:

  • A helicopter lifted the angel Moroni statue in place in 2008.

  • There’s a mansion on the temple site called the Manor House that has been used as a missionary training center and a home for temple workers.

  • Pilots use the temple as a landmark because it is near an airport.

Missionary Moments

My parents have always told me to be a good example to my sisters—Margaret, Dantzel, Eliza, and Elaine, ages 6, 5, 4, and 2. Someday, I will be the first one to serve a full-time mission. My mom says our home is our pre-MTC experience. We have family home evenings, family scripture study, Articles of Faith memorization, household chores, and more to prepare us for that great calling. We’re excited for the once-in-a-lifetime honor and privilege to be representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Richmond A., age 7, Philippines

Lights, Camera, Action!

You can bring the magazine to life by acting out a favorite story. Ask someone to read several lines out loud, then pause to give others time to act out what was read. If you don’t have enough people for all the characters, you could use paper-bag puppets.

Paper-bag Puppets

A paper bag can become a pal when you give it a face and a name. First, lay the bag flat, flap up. Draw a face on the flap, with an upper lip at the bottom of the flap and the rest of the mouth below the flap on the bag. Put your hand in the bag and move your fingers up and down to make your new pal “talk.”

Ask Yourself…

What can I do to help my Primary teachers and leaders this week?

Illustrations by Brad Teare