Let It Snow!

“Let It Snow!” Friend, Dec. 2012, 46

Let It Snow!

You can watch snowflakes fall all year long with this homemade snow globe. Maybe you could even make one as a gift for a friend or family member. Remember to get an adult’s help when making crafts.

snowman in jar

Illustrations by Mark Robison

You will need:

glass jar with a wide mouth and screw-on lid

hot glue gun

plastic figurine or small laminated photograph

small pebbles, plastic greenery, or other decorations

glitter or fake snow

water or baby oil

  1. Wash the jar and lid and let dry completely.

  2. On the inside of the lid, build a small scene using the pebbles, plastic greenery, or other decorations. Use a small figurine, toy, or photograph as the centerpiece. Keep decorations away from the edges so you will be able to screw the lid onto the jar at the end. Important: Whatever you include in the scene needs to be waterproof!

  3. Use hot glue to attach your scene firmly to the inside of the lid. Let the glue dry.

  4. Begin filling the jar with cool water or baby oil. Don’t fill it all the way or else it will overflow when you put your scene inside.

  5. Sprinkle glitter or fake snow into the water. Some of the glitter might get stuck in the scene as you shake your snow globe, so add a little extra.

  6. Once the glue has dried completely, put a line of glue on the inside of the lid. Screw on the lid tightly.

  7. Put a layer of hot glue around the outside of the rim of the lid to seal it shut.

  8. Let the snow globe dry overnight with the lid side up. Your snow globe should now be ready to use. Shake gently and watch the snowflakes fly!