What’s the Answer?

    “What’s the Answer?” Friend, Nov. 2012, 36–37

    What’s the Answer?

    We are blessed to have testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but not everybody believes the same way we do. Here are some ways to answer your friends’ questions about the gospel.

    Why don’t you play sports or go to birthday parties on Sundays?

    One of God’s commandments is “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” Instead of going to parties or sports games, I keep the Sabbath day holy by going to church, spending time with my family, and serving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

    Why can’t you watch certain TV shows and movies or play certain video games?

    I try to only watch and play things that make me feel good inside. Things with bad language, violence, and immodesty don’t give me a good feeling, so I stay away from them.

    Why don’t you drink tea or coffee?

    Being healthy is important to me. My church teaches me to not take coffee, tea, alcohol, or anything else that might hurt my body.

    Why don’t you wear short skirts or shirts that have spaghetti straps?

    When I dress modestly, I feel like I am respecting the body Heavenly Father gave me.

    Why don’t you swear?

    I try to only say things that will make me and other people feel good. Swearing would make me feel bad about myself, and I’d make others feel bad too.

    Illustration by Adam Koford