Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Friend, Nov. 2012, 38–39

    Show and Tell

    When Jesus Returns

    When Jesus returns,

    For 1,000 years He’ll be our King.

    Angels shall sing;

    There will be peace.

    Your loved ones you’ll see.

    The sick will heal,

    And the children will

    Gather round His knee.

    The blind will see,

    The deaf will hear,

    The mute will talk,

    When Jesus returns.

    Maren V., age 9, Massachusetts

    Megan B., age 10, Oregon

    Oscar P., age 8, Guam

    Eliza T., age 8, Arizona

    Amanda W., age 9, Utah

    Easton S., age 6, Tennessee

    Spencer and Jaxson W., ages 9 and 4, California, are brothers and best friends. They like learning about World War II. When they’re outside they look for snakes, lizards, and frogs. In Primary they enjoy singing and learning about their favorite Book of Mormon heroes. They like pioneer stories, and one day they want to go on a real pioneer trek.

    Rian C., age 5, Utah, likes to go camping, read books, play baseball, ride his bike, and help others. He enjoys scripture study with his family. Rian’s favorite scripture stories are about Jonah and the whale and the brother of Jared.

    Sara H., age 8, Arkansas, is proud of her missionary brother. She is working on her Faith in God Award. Sara likes to make crafts and dress up. She has fun doing gymnastics.

    One afternoon when I was playing with my friends, I saw a boy sitting alone in the building’s shadow. I went and asked him if he wanted to play with me, and he smiled. He said that he was very happy.

    Bradley J., age 8, Florida

    Once my brothers and I were sledding down the hill in our backyard. My older brother said it was time to go inside, but I said, “Once more, please!” Both my brother and I had a bad feeling about it, but he pushed me down the hill anyway. I ran into a tree and had to get seven stiches in my chin. I know that bad feeling was the Holy Ghost warning me. I should have listened!

    Madelyn G., age 8, Idaho

    As I was walking out of the doctor’s office with my family, I saw an elderly woman drop her things on the sidewalk. I went over to her and helped her pick up her things. She said, “Thank you, young man.” I felt good because I helped her.

    Jacob S., age 8, Wisconsin

    One day we were looking at the movies in our house. I told my mom that we should get rid of one of them because it was not a good movie. My mom agreed. I felt good about making that choice.

    Wade C., age 7, California

    A couple of years ago, my bishop asked our ward to read the Book of Mormon. I did not want to do it because I thought it would be too hard. The next year I decided to try to read it before my birthday to prepare for my baptism. I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting about this goal, and my bishop asked the ward to do my goal with me. I’m already beginning to see a change in my life from reading the Book of Mormon.

    Emma G., age 7, Florida