I Can Choose to Be a Missionary Now

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“I Can Choose to Be a Missionary Now,” Friend, Nov. 2012, 40–41

Bringing Primary Home

I Can Choose to Be a Missionary Now

You can use this lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme.

The children were excited for sharing time. A returned missionary was visiting to tell about his mission in Japan. When he had arrived in Japan, everything seemed so different. The Japanese people used chopsticks instead of forks, wrote sentences using characters instead of letters, and spoke a language that was hard for him to understand. Children took their lunches to school in “bento boxes” and read books from back to front. The missionary quickly learned to love the Japanese people and the way they lived.

The Lord wants all of us to be missionaries. One way you can do that is by being a friend to those who have moved into your neighborhood or come from another country and to those who look, speak, or dress differently. As you learn to love those who are different from you, you are preparing for the day when you are called to serve a mission. It could be anywhere in the world!

Turn to page 9 to learn how to make your own bento boxes.