Cool Cars

“Cool Cars,” Friend, Aug. 2012, 36–37

Cool Cars

I love you, and you love me. We reach together for the best we can be (Children’s Songbook, 263).

Ben likes sharing … except when it comes to his cool cars.

Most of the time Ben liked to share. He liked to share Daddy’s toast and Mom’s cookie. He liked to share Mike’s football and Anne’s book. He liked to share Max’s wagon.

But Ben did not like to share his cool cars, not even with Max. “Mine!” Ben said.

Ben filled his hands and pockets with cool cars. He hid them in the corner and under the couch pillows. If Max wanted to play with him, Ben felt angry. “My cool cars!”

One day Mom pulled Ben onto her lap. She gave him a hug and a kiss. “Does Daddy share his toast with you?” Mom asked.

“Yes,” Ben said.

“Does Mommy share her cookie with you?”


“Does Anne share her book and does Mike share his football with you?”


“When you play with Max, does he share his wagon?”


“When we share with you, we feel happy. You feel happy too,” Mom said. “If you share your cool cars with Max, you will feel happy, and Max will feel happy. You can play together, and you won’t feel angry anymore.”

Ben stayed on Mom’s lap for a minute. Then he got down and took two of his cars out of his pocket. He gave one to Max. Ben smiled, and Max smiled. Ben didn’t feel angry anymore. Sharing made him feel happy.

Illustration by Brad Teare