Bulletin Board

“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Dec. 2011, 12–13

Bulletin Board

Sewing a Modest Style

The activity day girls from the Lake Hills Ward, Billings Montana East Stake, learned about modesty and the importance of showing respect for your body. They even made their own modest skirts! The girls got to choose the fabric; then they sewed the skirts with help from their mothers and other women in their ward. The girls then planned a special dinner with their mothers, and they modeled the skirts in a fashion show. Many of the girls wore their skirts to church, and one even wore hers to a piano recital. “Dressing modestly makes me feel good,” said Elizabeth R. Learning about the importance of modesty helped the girls be courageous in maintaining their standards.

Christmas Bark Paintings

brown paper grocery bag


black marker

acrylic or craft paint

  1. Cut a large rectangle from the paper bag. Get the paper wet, then crumple it up. Squeeze out the water, then flatten out the paper and let dry. (You can use an iron on low heat to flatten the paper more, but ask for an adult’s help.) The paper will look like flattened tree bark.

  2. Draw the outline of your picture with the black marker.

  3. Fill in the spaces with the paint.

“In looking back over the years, I find … that the Christmases I remember best, the Christmases which touched my heart the most, are Christmases filled with love and giving and the Spirit of the Savior.”*

–President Thomas S. Monson

Fast Fact

At Christmastime, Temple Square in Salt Lake City is glowing with lights. Each tree can have as many as 75,000 individual lights! LED lightbulbs are now being used to help save electricity.

Journal Junction

This month, write how you feel about Jesus Christ. You can write your testimony or favorite scriptures about Him. Why is He important to you? Write about things you did this past year to follow our Savior’s example.

Illustrations by Thomas Child, Mark Robison, Del Parson, and Phyllis Luch; bark painting and tree photos by John Luke