Sharing Love with Families Far Away

    “Sharing Love with Families Far Away,” Friend, Feb. 2011, 24–25

    Sharing Love with Families Far Away

    Some children have a dad or mom who serves in the military or has a job that takes them far away. A parent may be away from home for months, or even years! These families are experts at staying unified. Some even use a webcam to have family home evening, family scripture study, and family prayer. With a parent far away, it is more important than ever to remember that families are forever.

    Ivy J., age 3, takes off a link of a paper chain to count down the days left until her dad comes home.

    Erin H., age 3, e-mails her dad special messages.

    Samuel, Abigail, Madison, and Hailey B., ages 9, 7, 7, and 2, sent their dad a special birthday present. Each family member recorded their voices saying, “I love you,” and put the recordings in a stuffed bear dressed like an army soldier. Whenever their dad got lonely, he could squeeze the bear and know how much his family loved him!

    Melanie and Tommy P., ages 10 and 8, had their school classes draw pictures for their dad as a Christmas surprise. He got more than 100 Christmas cards!

    Kobe T., age 9, talked to his dad over the webcam. He and his dad sent each other silly things (like funny wigs) and took pictures wearing them!

    Twins Justin and Dasha P., age 6, helped bake a cake for their dad’s birthday. They showed it to their dad on the webcam. He liked it so much he even tried to blow out the candles!

    Oakley and Mya T., ages 3 and 1, watched videos of their dad reading books to them every night before bed.