I Will Follow God’s Plan

    “I Will Follow God’s Plan,” Friend, Feb. 2011, 11

    Primary Music Helps

    I Will Follow God’s Plan

    Use either a tray with objects and words, or a poster with pictures and words to play a “What Is Missing?” game. Prayerfully select words and objects to represent the meaning of the song lyrics. Teach the song by pointing out the words and objects one at a time. After repeating the song several times, review the song by having one child go out of the room and another choose a word or object to remove. When the first child returns to the room, all of the Primary children sing the song while the first child figures out what is missing. Repeat the game several times. (For younger children, use fewer words and only sing half of the song at a time.) For teaching at home, children could cut out each word and picture.

    Illustrations by Steve Kropp